Adelaide Buyers Agent offers a number of property and leasing related services to residential and business clients. We do more than just buy houses...

Buyers Agency

With our Buyers Agency service, we work with our clients to determine their brief based on their needs and wants in a property.


We work with residential and commercial properties for owner occupiers, investors and self managed superannuation funds where we undertake a search for properties which match your brief, present these properties to you for selection, negotiate or attend auction on your behalf, and arrange contracts to be signed in order to complete the purchase.


We will also seek out specific off market properties via direct approaches to obtain a suitable property - ideal for tightly held areas or developers.

Auction Bidding

Our auction bidding service is designed for client's who have found a property they wish to purchase but are uncomfortable with the auction process, cannot be there in person or who wish to remain anonymous during the bidding process. This service is ideal for interstate investors who wish to bid on a residential or commercial property without travelling to Adelaide to attend in person. 


We will attend the property prior to auction and note any relevant items in the contract or with the property itself, and register with your agreed deposit and settlement terms. We then bid up to an agreed limit on your behalf and seek instructions if the bid level is not sufficient to secure. If we are successful, we sign the contract on your behalf and attend to contract formalities.

Price Negotiation

If you are comfortable with finding a property to purchase but are not a confident negotiator or are unsure of the price to offer, we offer a price negotiation service where we act on your behalf to get the best possible price from the selling agent/vendor.


We generate lists of comparable properties and determine the likely market value, then negotiate with the selling agent to achieve an outcome that is agreeable to all involved.


This service can also be combined with a property inspection where we will attend the property with you use our findings as a negotiating tool.

Commercial Premises Search and Leasing

If you are opening a new office/business in Adelaide or are relocating a business due to expansion, lease expiry or changing needs, we can assist with finding you a new business premises or corporate headquarters.


We work with our clients to determine their business needs, forward planning for space, location and special requirements such as power or internet services. We then search for appropriate premises to lease or purchase through our network of commercial leasing agents.


Once suitable premises are found, we then assist our clients to negotiate a lease and incentives package that works for their business and budget, and can assist with planning fitout and relocation.